Seeing Double

nicole: thirty something: wife to Joey: Mom to boy/girl twins Jackson and Macie: this is our crazy life
This is what a mother with twins who won’t nap looks like. Be afraid.

This is what a mother with twins who won’t nap looks like. Be afraid.

Anxiety is not rude. Depression is not selfish. Schizophrenia is not wrong. Eating disorders are not a choice. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is not crazy. Mental illness isn’t self-centred, anymore than cancer is self-centred. It’s a medical illness.


What the hell is going on with my kids?! They are both fighting naps even though they are extremely exhausted. They just passed out after being up all morning long. Are they attempting to transition to one nap or are their brains just too hyped up from all the new changes to rest? Anyone have an answer for me? I’m starting to go crazy

I love my Daddy

"Adam didn’t pull his weight as a mover and my gosh…Crosby, he injured himself being a schmuck. So, I guess by default you win the best mover prize."

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Decide to give Jackson and Macie teething cookies after their dinner as a treat

Jackson gets so excited about his cookie that he shoves the entire thing in his mouth. This causes him to gag and vomit his dinner all over himself and his high chair

Between this and the lack of naps, I’m feeling like a crap mom. I may hang my head and cry.


I hold my baby a lot because some day my heartbeat won’t be his source of comfort.

Some day he’s going to crawl away from me.

Some day he’s going to walk away from me.

Some day he won’t want to kiss me or hold my hand in public.

Some day he’ll stop sleeping next to me.

Some day he will grow up.

But not today. Today I will hold him in my arms and kiss him on his head.

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Will you please just nap longer.

I need a freaking break.

Will you please nap at all?! I need a break!

Is 10 month old sleep regression a thing?! I’m going crazy here! These kids won’t nap!!!